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Zodiac Crystal Quick Reference

The zodiac are essentially the division of the orbit of the rotation of the Earth as it rotates around the Sun. The constellations got their names from the zodiac and certain aspects and traits have been assigned to each of the zodiac signs. The zodiac does not follow a traditional calendar, thus people often need to look up birth signs on a chart to determine where they fall within the zodiac.

As we know, each sign has strengths and weaknesses in their personality that can make their journey more rewarding or more challenging depending upon the situation.

Much as you can select a birthstone for each month, a series of crystals were assigned to the zodiacs signs based on the traits each of these signs possess. The top three crystals for each zodiac sign have been selected for your reference and while these are the crystals that came up in our research, we recommend you use your intuition when selecting which crystals are best for you!


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