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Jennifer Mueller

I am on a constant journey to pick up new ideas, techniques, and information. The spiritual path is vast, and so I am enjoying every experience along the way as it is not just about the destination. Everyday has something to be grateful for! Someone put it perfectly for me once, “I am an experiential learner!”

From my recollection I have always been connected to spirit, always realized that there is more beyond what you can reach out and touch. So far I have belonged to meditation groups, taken Reiki – all levels more than once, studied Huna, NLP, gained experienced through meditation groups, absorbed information from many books, and insight from discussions with many people. Most recently, I have learned about my guardian angels. This development with the Archangels, and the love and light that they have to offer, has led me down an angelic path, resulting in Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP) Certification with Cindy Smith and the discovery of my new passion – working with Crystals!

Although I reside in Nanton, AB I enjoy my travels to different venues, exploring the sharing, learning, and healing possibilities that crystal work has presented. I have met many inspirational individuals, and look forward to building more friendships. I also have an amazing family background. Many life moments have been highlighted by time spent with them, notably my time spent being an aunt to two nephews and a niece who help fill my spare time!

My passion for crystals is not new, what is new is that I am opening up to the realm of capabilities and opportunities that have brought into my life! Crystals raise your vibration and raising your vibration opens up an unlimited number of possibilities! So please – join me as I learn and share my quest for knowledge through this site, courses I host or organize, and venues that I travel to. I am always open to questions and please don’t hesitate to say hello!

Jennifer Mueller

Jennifer Mueller

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