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Are you thinking about buying a pendulum and are not sure where to start? We are here to help! First, a pendulum is a tool of divination. Most commonly used to answer yes/no questions, it can be a great addition to your toolkit.

The first thing that attracts a person to a pendulum is the aesthetics of pendulum. Will you be attracted to a pendulum made out of wood, crystal or metal? When considering your purchase the shape of the pendulum, its weight, and how the pendulum moves when you ask a question are all important considerations.

The pendulum needs to be responsive to your questions and you need to feel comfortable with the connection you feel with the pendulum. To gauge this you need to test the pendulum and determine what the baseline “yes” and “no” response looks response looks like for the pendulum.

Pick up the pendulum in your dominant hand, with your non-dominant hand beneath it. Then ask the pendulum to show you a “yes”. Note the direction the pendulum moves, this is how this pendulum will show you “yes” answers. Ask the pendulum to “stop”. Now repeat the process with asking the pendulum to show you “no”. Ask the pendulum to “stop”. Now ask the pendulum a yes/no question you already know the answer to so that you can test the accuracy.

Now you can proceed to ask questions you do not know already have answers for and for which you are seeking clarification or further information, but please remember you need to phrase in the form of yes/no or use a pendulum chart.

Here are some examples of the types of questions you for which you can use your pendulum:

  • Chakra clearings

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Asking when a child is going to be born (yes/no answers)

  • Defining a timeline for an event (will the event occur in 6 months yes/no, if no repeat ask the question with 5 months yes/no until you get a yes)

  • To determine if a course of action is good for you

  • To determine if you should make a purchase of goods, foods, crystals

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