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Not All Crystals Mix With Water

When you consider crystals are naturally formed and occur in nature, it may seem strange to think not all crystals are safe to mix with water.

Caring for Crystals

To ensure you are able to properly care for and maintain your beautiful collection of crystals, it is essential to understand how to appropriately care for the crystals in your collection. We have researched some of the more common crystals and how they interact with water. This list is by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to do your own research too.


Please do not create elixirs (i.e. place your crystals in water, with the intention of consuming the liquid) without doing exhaustive research as there is the potential for toxins to leach out of the crystals and into your drinking water. Your health is of primary importance, so please ensure you do your due diligence.

Crystals that Fade

Crystals that Break (flake)

Crystals that Dissolve

Crystals that are Poisonous

Crystals that Rust


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