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Healing with Crystals - Anxiety & Depression

Crystals are more than just something to admire, there is healing energy you can capture and use to enhance your life. Anxiety and Depression are increasingly more common with our fast-paced life and the pressure we feel to achieve the goals our bosses and schools place on us, let alone the pressure we put on ourselves.

When do I use the Abundance Crystals?

Keep mood swings in balance. Emotional expression in a healthy way. Keep out of overwhelm.

  • Help extreme swings in a mood and keep them even keel.

  • Express oneself without being stuck in emotion- be outside of sadness, frustration, anger and communicate in a healthy way.

  • Stay in a state of coping and out of overwhelm.

Which Crystals do I use?

There are three crystal commonly recommended to aid with anxiety and depression: Howlite, Lepidolite, and Lithium Quartz.


Reduces anxiety, tensions and stress. Used to facilitate awareness and encourage emotional expression.

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Helps live in the moment/now, stay centered regardless of external experience, prevents extreme emotional shifts, helps worry & fear, help hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder, balance emotions, assist worry, fear, assists depression (high emotional shifts), deeply relaxing.

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Lithium Quartz

Helps be present in the now to stay out of overwhelm, release attachment to any outcome & surrender to the Divine, allows calming, peaceful, loving energies to fill the emotional body, reduce intensity of anxiety & panic attacks, reduce & relieve stress in the body.

Visit our stores to see what is in stock.

How to Work with Your Crystals?

Remember to select and work with crystals you are attracted to and set the intention or purpose. Example: Lepidolite, please help me to stay in the moment, stay centred and assured I remain safe and that the people I encounter and the events I experience are in my highest good.


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