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Healing with Crystals - Abundance

Crystals are more than just beautiful to look at, use their natural energy along with intentions to help you in different areas of your life. One of the ways crystals can help you is through increasing your ability to improve the flow of good energy in your life or increase abundance. Many think of this in terms of finances, but it covers much more…

When do I use the Abundance Crystals?

Abundance applies to happiness, health, meeting financial obligations, and virtually any area of your life where you wish to see good things happen.

  • Getting or changing a job/career.

  • Meeting financial needs.

  • Networking for a purpose-connections.

  • Luck in life.

  • Help sell/buy a home or car (things).

  • Create or stimulate a business venture.

Which Crystals do I use?

Three crystals are primarily used for calling in abundance: Citrine, Jade and Pyrite. Selecting the one you are most attracted to be the best practice. Some people will work with more than one crystal to achieve their goals.


Brings optimism, playfulness, and happiness. Gives second wind to face difficult situations. Marries energy of the mind with will power - creation.

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Revel in life & be in joy, connect with energy of true abundance and manifesting that frequency into material form.

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Bring spiritual energy into physical realm. Helps integrate high-frequency into physical. Action to create abundance. Stimulate creative energy.

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How do I use the Abundance Crystals?

Set the intention for the type of abundance you wish to achieve (e.g. a new job, a new home or financial security, good health). Remain open and in gratitude for the assistance your crystals are providing as they assist in the provision of this healing gift.


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