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frequently asked questions

Angel Card Readings
What are Angel Card Readings?

These are sessions conducted in-store with one of our talented Angel Empowerment Practitioners. They connect with your Guardian Angel Teams to deliver messages through the sense of sight, thought, feelings and knowing. You can ask questions or have your team share a general message that they would like you to hear at this time. The readings will usually cover areas like career, finances, relationships and what needs to change to move forward on your path/journey. They will encourage you to move through your “Stuff” that is stopping you from moving on in your journey in a gentle and loving way. 

Do they use any special tools? 

Our readers use a variety of Oracle and Tarot cards to help illustrate these messages for you and provide affirmations to help you on your spiritual journey. Each reader is unique in their process, you may encounter tools and techniques used as well to help clear up energy that needs shifting like cutting cords, or placing a shield. 

How long are the readings?

Readings are available in 15, 30 and 45min increments. 

Do I need an appointment? 

Pre-bookings are encouraged to hold you a spot in a timely manner, but walk-ins are welcome. (Readings are popular and walk-ins can be subject to a waiting period). Book a reading today

Is it safe to have a reading with Covid? 

We are following all recommendations of our Health Officials and are using PPE to keep you and our Readers safe while providing personal one-on-one readings. At this time to follow proper social distancing in our reading space, we do not offer readings done in with more than one person (friends, partners, etc) 

Can I bring someone with me to listen to my reading? 

At this time to follow proper social distancing in our reading space, we do not offer readings done in with more than one person (friends, partners, etc) 

How do I find out who is doing readings? 

We post our readers on our website monthly and we also the list out in the newsletter. 

Where do I go for a reading? 

Friends and Gems Inc. 
Crossroads Farmers Market 
1235 26 Avenue S.E. Calgary AB 

How much does it cost for a reading? 

$30+GST for 15 minutes 
$55+GST for 30 minutes 
$85+GST for 45minutes
I would like to work with Friends and Gems as a reader. How can I do that? 

All readers must have an Angel Empowerment Practitioner certification as a minimum condition of employment. If you meet this requirement, please Contact Us and we can discuss things further. (Please ensure the link remains enabled and remove this text when you paste into the website.) 

I would like to work in your physical store. How can I get a job with you? 

We appreciate your interest in our company. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your interest and the current situation.
Events – Facebook Live Sales and Angel Card Readings
What are the Facebook Live Events? 

Facebook Live Events are events hosted on the Friends and Gems Facebook page. 
 •The Facebook Live VIP Sales event offers exclusive sales of up to 50% in savings that we offer no where else! These sales are held every other Thursday and make sure to follow our Facebook Page to learn about the events or check out our events page on our website to see highlights of past events. Please link to F&G Facebook*Note that you can always watch the Live Sale event later and we honor the sales pricing for one week after each event. You can email any order you would like to place to 
•The Facebook One Card Angel Readings are offered during the weekend once per weekend. They can alternate Saturday or Sunday. To see the schedule please follow our Facebook page.  

When do these events occur?

The event schedules can be reviewed on our websites “Event” Page, and/or our Friends and Gems Facebook page.
Events - We Attend
There is a new event coming up I think you will be interested in. How can I let you know about it? 

We love that you are watching out for us. Please Contact Us and let us know the details! 

How can I find out what events are Friends and Gems doing this year? 

The best way to keep informed is by subscribing to our Newsletter or by liking our Facebook or Instagram feeds. Our website also has an Events page you can visit. We will keep you updated on all our events! We hope to see you at our events.

Do you have a newsletter? 

Yes, you can subscribe right here on our site. 

I don’t know why I keep getting your newsletter. Why do you keep sending it to me? 

Friends and Gems Inc. respects the privacy of its customers and only sends communications and newsletters to customers who opt-in to the service. You can always click the un-subscribe at the bottom of the newsletter and you will be removed from future communications.  
Order Received with Missing Items
I received my order and something was missing. What do I do? 

Contact Us within ten (10) business days of purchase and let us know what was missing from your order. Please provide us with the best way to contact you. 
Order Received with Damaged Items
I opened the package and something is broken or damaged. What do I do? 

While we take great care to package, your products to protect against damage there are occasions when damage may occur. Please contact us within 10 days of the date of purchase. Please provide photographic proof to aid us in processing your appropriate replacement or refund.
Payment Question
How do I pay?

PayPal, GooglePay or ShopPay, which allows you to make use of credit cards or your bank accounts to pay for merchandise.

Is it safe to pay online? 

PayPal, GooglePay and ShopPay are all encrypted systems meant to keep your banking and credit card information safe. Millions of people use PayPal and GooglePay. ShopPay is an integrated part of the website hosting our site.

Why does ShopPay ask for and email to login?

We require a reliable form of contact for you for verifying payment, order status, and shipping.
Returns and Exchanges
I ordered something and it is not really what to my liking. I want to return it. 

All website sales are final. If there is an issue with damaged product, we will address this through either replacement or reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. Please see the FAQ on damages above. 

During times of regular operations Friends and Gems Inc. only except exchanges not returns. 
Shipping - Destinations outside Canada?
You have nice products, but I am not located in Canada. Can you ship to locations outside of Canada? 

At this time we are only shipping to locations in Canada.
Shipping - In Canada
How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping costs may vary, however Friends and Gems has a flat rate shipping fee of $18 up to $300 order total, $30 for orders totalling $301-$750, and free for orders $750+.
Shipping - Items Missing, or no longer available
What if something I ordered is not available will you still ship my order? 

Friends and Gems Inc. will contact customers to ensure the customers wish to proceed with shipping their orders when/if item(s) are unavailable. Shipping of the remaining available products of the customer’s order will occur when confirmed by the customer. The invoice will be adjusted accordingly.
Shipping - Timing
How quickly will my order ship? 

We process your order within four (4) business days of receiving the order. Typically we process online orders on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Shipping - Tracking
Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Friends and Gems is happy to provide a tracking number for shipments upon request. Contact Us to request a confirmation number.
Special Orders
I am looking for an oracle/tarot deck, but you do not seem to have it. Can you find it for me? 

Great news, at Friends and Gems Inc. we pride ourselves in looking for items like Oracle and Tarot Decks for our customers. Please let us know the name of the deck and if possible the author and let us do the legwork for you! 

You carry lots of different kinds of incense, but not the kind I like. Would you consider bringing in the kind of incense I like? 

Friends and Gems Inc. are open to expanding what we offer our clients. Please provide us with the information and we can look into it for you.
I have a special product that I think would be perfect for your store! 

I think that we are a good match. How can I get it on your site or in your store? We are always interested in expanding our product line. Please reach Contact Us and tell us more. 

Some of the information provided in the Vendor information appears to be inaccurate or is incomplete. 

We do our best to provide the most complete and accurate information available for products. Our vendors provide the information and as such, we cannot be held accountable for inaccurate information; however, we would like to address these issues as they arise. Please Contact Us with the product name and details about the product description and information on what was inaccurate or incomplete so we can try to address it. 
Does Friends and Gems Inc. have a way for me to shop as a wholesale customer?

The short answer is yes. Clients can register for a wholesale account after qualifying by completing the Wholesale Registration Form. We require three (3) business days to process the application and to get back to you with approvals before an account can be setup. 

Do I need to do anything to qualify before I can purchase from your website as a wholesale customer?

Yes, any business wishing to qualify as a wholesaler must first complete this Wholesale Registration Form. Friends and Gems will review the form and get back to you within three (3) business days. Once approved you will be able to shop from our site. 

Once I have a wholesale account, will I be able to purchase products from the site?

Yes, you will be able to see the products and will be able to shop available inventory on the site. We are always available for your questions. Feel free to Contact Us with your wholesale questions! 
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