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Amanda Kindle

As a child I would always collect earthy type items along my travels, I just had to have them! For example, twigs and branches from my grandpa’s farm, not to mention rocks from the rock pile, and others like seashells and sand. Picking up these items gave me a sensation of being filled with peace, and feeling better with them in my environment than not. I was attracted to earthly objects like rocks, plants (although I had a knack for killing those off!), gem stones, sea shells and sand. You could often find me with a pocketful of treasures!

I went on to become a massage therapist. I love working with my clients and reading their bodies to help to heal them physically, spiritually and emotionally. Recently I have discovered the angelic realm which allows me to understand how to work with energy for protection, clearing and balancing. Integrating all my learned modalities and seeing how they work in harmony like the earth’s natural stones, energy work with the Angels and massage therapy has been a joy to discover!

Also working in the store where we offer empowerment tools in a community environment has been empowering itself witnessing connecting people with items like crystals meant specifically for them to fulfill a need they may have in their lives. Crystal energies interact with the body just as much as the hands on approach with massage. Being able to integrate these modalities together to energetically and physically heal people has been an awesome experience and I look forward to a continued learning curve as the reward has been amazing!

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