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Ritual Candles

For thousands of years, candles have provided a source of light, only to be replaced by the more efficient and safer light bulb. The candle provides people with the opportunity to return to the days when candles allowed people to practice rituals using candle energy, colour, and belief in something greater than themselves.

Ritual candles can be used to amplify and release energy. Ritual can be used to amplify and release energy as you burn them in rituals and spells. Left unlit the ritual candle can be left in your home to promote positive vibes.

White: Promotes serenity and peace.

  • Substitute white when you are missing another colour.

Black: Used for psychic protection.

  • Burn for binding challenges and breaking hexes.

Red: Used to encourage love, sex, and passion.

  • Burn to overcome obstacles.

Yellow: Use when you need to enhance networking and social skills, or attract new career opportunities.

  • Burn to stimulate communication, business, friendships, and/or travel.

Pink: Attract Romance to your life. Place a pink candle in your doorway at home to draw romance to your home.

  • Burn for healing abuse, reconciliation, friendship, sensuality, and love.

Green: Brings ideas to your life and amplifies abundance.

  • Burn for acceptance, healing, longevity, fertility, family, peace, and abundance.

Purple: Helps to boost your spiritual enlightenment and creativity.

  • Burn for overcoming fears and addictions, psychic protection, and aiding writing blocks.

Orange: Amplifies ambition, encourages you to broaden your horizons.

  • Burn for encouraging adaptability, confidence, discipline, freedom, positivity, reconciliation, and strength.

Blue: Helps you to connect with your chakras and heals any emotional wounds.

  • Burn for working on issues with communication, sleep and dreams, mental obstacles, pregnancy, leadership, career, and marriage.

Brown: Aids you in supplementing and boosting your resources when you need them most (like health, energy, possessions, pets, endurance, and courage).

  • Burn when you need to find lost objects, and during times of prolonged hard work.


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