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Dawn Gibbons is a Certified Professional Instructor who teaches adults in the corporate world. She became captivated by Angels and is now an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP™) and Medium, certified by Cindy Smith. She is also a Certified Angel Practitioner, certified by Charles Virtue.

During an Angel Card Reading, Dawn connects you with your Angels for guidance and direction in all areas of your life. She may be guided to incorporate a specific method of healing with some of the Archangels.

Dawn and her sister Loretta are co-founders of Wonderful Powerful ME! Together they teach strategies and share insights that empower people of all ages to create the life they desire. They offer services and events to help improve the quality of your life in all areas including finances, relationships, spirituality, health and wellness, and living with purpose. They’ll help YOU create the feeling of Wonderful Powerful ME!

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