Healing with Crystals - Love & Romance

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Healing with Crystals - Love & Romance

/ Post by Jennifer Mueller
Healing with Crystals - Love & Romance

Crystals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and grades. We are drawn in by the uniqueness of their very presence, but it is their energy that truly seals the deal convincing us to add another crystal or two to our collection!  

 Love and Romance Theme

For those of us who were brought up with fairy tales, hearing that someday our prince or princess will come may not be comforting once we pass a certain age. We may seek assistance from the universe to bring love and or romance to our lives, lest we be left on our own. Regardless of the reason for seeking assistance from the energy of crystals, rest assured they are ready to help if you are ready to open yourself to the magic!

When do I use the Love and Romance Crystals?

Love & Romance Crystals

Selecting Crystals

Remember to select and work with crystals you are attracted to and set the intention or purpose.

Set Intention or Purpose

Please note you can program crystals to work with more than one intention, so if you already are working with one of the crystals mentioned in today’s theme from one of the previous themes, you can program it to work for the purpose of romance and/love as well. You do not have to purchase a separate crystal, although you definitely can have as many of each crystal as you would like, each programmed for an individual purpose.

Crystals for Love & Romance

There are three crystals commonly recommended to aid with providing Love and Romance: Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, and Rose Quartz.



Rhodonite is available in pebbles, bracelets, and pendants.



Rhodochrosite is available in. tumbled, bracelets.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Products

Rose Quartz is available in bracelets, pendulums, puff hearts, tumbled, specimens, pendants, lamps, rings, and mini-Merkaba.

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