Healing with Crystals - Clearing, Cleansing and Recharging

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Healing with Crystals - Clearing, Cleansing and Recharging

/ Post by Jennifer Mueller
Healing with Crystals - Clearing, Cleansing and Recharging

Clear Cleanse Recharge

When do I use the Clearing, Cleansing and Recharing Crystals?

clear cleanse and recharge

Crystals are more than just something to admire, there is healing energy you can capture and use to enhance your life. Humans are remarkable beings who are charged with energy that is in alignment with the universe. When this energy is depleted or blocked it can in fatigue, increased stress and the potential to develop illness. Crystals can cleanse, clear and recharge your energy centres, allowing you to continue to function within your optimum potential.

Selecting Crystals

Remember to select and work with crystals you are attracted to ensure the highest and best outcome are acheived.

Set Intention or Purpose

Crystals are amazing in their ability to assist on many different fronts. Setting the intention or purpose for the crystal can help you achieve your goals. Remember to always set the intention in positive terms use of the word "not" or "no" is removed by the universe resulting you attracting what you were trying to avoid.

Crystals for Clearing, Cleansing and Recharging

There are three crystal commonly recommended to aid with cleansing, clearing and recharging: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, and Selenite.

Understanding the impact of your environment and others upon your energy level will help you to take steps to maintain your energy level. Learning to request shields to help augment and protect your chakras throughout the day and cutting cords are two steps you can take. Working with crystals like Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds and Clear Quartz to cleanse, clear and recharge your energy or your environment is another way to help ensure you are able to achieve your needs.


Selenite is available in tumbled, angel statues, bracelets, worry stones, hearts, lamps, wands, towers, spheres, athames, bowls, and charging plates. Some of our charging plates and heart have been embossed by lasers with beautiful designs.

Selenite Towers
Tip: Placing selenite towers at the enterance to your home helps to clear the energy of guests as they enter your home.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are available in 8mm-13mm sizes.

 Herkimer Diamonds

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is available in pendulums, bracelets, tumbled, specimens, and pendants.  

Clear Quartz

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