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/ Post by Jennifer Mueller

The mini drums are approximately the size of your hand and produce sound. Also available, as a miniature keychain, drums to carry the spirit with you!

  • Wolf: Humility

  • Respect: Buffalo

  • Courage: Bear

  • Wisdom: Beaver

  • Honesty: Sabe

  • Truth: Turtle

  • Love: Feather

The artist provided some background on 4 of the drums in the series:

  • Courage/Bear symbol of a representation of the 7 teachings that I handcrafted: I was living doubting myself for years & I had to find an outlet, my friends & family inspired me, taking that huge step... my heart shaking .. the courage to believe in myself...it was hard...I fell a few times but I got up everyday. Doesn't matter what happens what I found is that it is in me. Maybe not as big but it is there... my heart doesn't shake like it use too.
  • Honesty/Sabe... as I go thru the 7 teachings, as I got older this is the hardest I found for myself... and still learning forever. Handmade tiny hand drums. Be honest with yourself.
  • Humility/Wolf, one day at a time... one moment at a time...life passes by so fast as I age...my body hurts as I get older.. but the fire inside me keeps going...I use think crying was a weakness and I learned it shows so much more. I see you everyday as I look into my reflection...I have learned to love myself again.
  • Truth/Turtle is another example of the tiny hand drums. Truth within sometimes can be rewarding and painful at the same time for myself...I want to do so much in life. But I can only do my best. As I make these I think about how far I overcame so much.

About Flora Johnson

“I am a proud First Nation Indigenous artist who was born in Flin Flon Manitoba, Canada, from the Mosakahiken Cree Nation. I work in many art forms, acrylic on canvas paintings, leather, feathers etc. Am committed to empowering women through art. I feel that my work shows strength, spirituality, and the warrior within all women and families.”

“As a Professional Artist, I know that being passionate about my work has helped me advance and succeed in this field. I’ve learned the importance of paying attention to the story that each project is trying to tell, a valuable lesson that has led me to find quality work in diverse projects and gain experience. Motivated and committed to my craft, I’m capable of transforming an idea into a creative production that leaves an impact on the audience.

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