Crystal Elements

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Crystal Elements

/ Post by Jennifer Mueller
Crystal Elements

Crystal Elements

There are five elements in the universe Spirit, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. A set of crystals has been selected for each of the Elements to help support these elements. You may feel drawn to work with one or more of the crystals. Please ensure you use your intuition to select the best crystal(s) for your purpose.


Spirit represents the celestial energy filling all space, it acts as a bridge between spirit and body, and heaven and earth. 

Spirit Elemental Crystals


Air represents the vital breath that brought the universe into being and is connected with the mind, wisdom, spirits and the soul.

Air Elemental Crystals


Earth represents grounding, the foundation of life itself, substance and a connection to your life’s path, and your family roots.


Earth Elemental Crystals


Fire represents energy and is a tool for transformation; it can be seen as a connection to your personal power and inner strength.


Fire Elemental Crystals


Water represents the emotional release and your intuition resulting in inner reflection.

Water Elemental Crystals

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