Friends & Gems holds small (max 5 person) workshops in the store on most Saturdays and Sundays.

With only 5 seats available we require people to pre-register by reserving their spot online (preferred) or in store at least 1 day prior to the workshop!  If there are no pre-registrations for the workshop, the workshop will be cancelled! 

Book a Private Workshop

You can also book one-on-one or private group workshops at a location of your choosing. Please contact us for more information about one-on-one training or to book a workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Oracle Card Reading

Learn about your intuitive gifts and use oracle cards as a tool to tune into these gifts. We all have them, but just like learning to ride a bike, we need to practise how. You will figure out which is your strongest gift, and how to use a deck of oracle cards for yourself.

Pendulums and Crystal Basics

Learn to use pendulums as a crystal tool which connects you with your intuition and higher knowing also get answers to lots of common questions that get asked by the curious!

Questions like:
Is bigger better?
Is there a difference between polished and raw?
How do I pick the right crystal?

See our Facebook Page for resources and pictures.