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If you’ve ever wanted guidance on crystals and crystal healing, essential oils/aromatherapy, angel readings, holistic healing or chakra balancing – Friends and Gems is a great place to start. Jen and Amanda combine their expertise with a beautiful space and quality products to make your visit an experience you will remember. Thank you beautiful Ladies!!!…

Deanna December 13, 2016

What I love about Friends and Gems is that you always feel welcome and embraced by the positive vibration of the store. The owners truly carefully choose the products they bring in and promote. The staff are knowledgeable and work with you to find the best solutions to your concerns, whether it be smudging tools, crystals, books or cards, just to name a few. You will love every minute spent in store.

Michelle December 13, 2016

These are my favorite people, and place to visit! Thank you for always lending a helping hand, and all the knowledge you are always sharing! Love and light to you all there at friends and gems!!

Selena December 13, 2016

Their gems and knowledge of gems is amazing! Thanks Jen…

Theresa December 13, 2016

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