Welcome to our new website, it’s a work in progress, but it’s easier to update this site than our old one so the information is more up to date… PLUS as I work on the site you will all see the new features right away!

One of the big things I’m working on is completely rebuilding the online store! The old system only had a fraction of our products anyway and it wasn’t the easiest thing to update.

The new online store will eventually be completely in-sync with the store point-of-sale system although they will not be selling all of our products online. In some cases it’s a licensing restriction where the supplier has their own website for online sales and sometimes it’s simply a matter of how we do our inventory. For example: We could sell tumbled stones online, but we carry hundreds of types of stones and we do not track the number of stones for each stone type, so if you were to order a tumbled stone we wouldn’t know what type or size of stone to send! (you get the picture)

Anyways lots of new stuff coming down, keep checking back to see all the updates!